Manisha Beriwala of MMB Events Shapes Corporate Diwali Celebrations in America!

MMB Events The Corporate Diwali 2017 at Hyatt Regency Jersey City

An honest approach, awareness of untapped verticals and the desire to put the biggest Indian festival of lights, DIWALI, on the global map are the instincts for MMB EVENTS. Accompanying her husband in search of a new life from Kolkata, India to the land of opportunities, USA, Manisha Beriwala brought with herself an innate belief in Hindu mythology, a cultural connect and an entrepreneurial zeal to celebrate Indian festivities with the same gusto as back home in India. It’s been a long haul for Manisha as one of the many immigrants in the country missing these festivities in her hometown, she felt it was her responsibility to bring together the south Asian community to re-create the same sense of cultural belongingness. 11 years of constant Diwali celebrations knitted thousands of families in a traditional community belt. An inherited ‘Marwari, entrepreneur gene led to her pioneering role in creating the biggest Hindu festival as a local festival now practiced and celebrated in every country, city, town and community and on its way towards one of the largest in a corporate setting.

Over the 11 years, she organized multiple Indian and Asian events with Diwali being the biggest highlight and soon her name became synonymous with it. What started initially in community halls was now in huge ballroom settings, friends from all parts of the country got together to partake sumptuous Indian cuisine, showcasing beautiful costumes and performing meticulously practiced dance performances. The purpose had been achieved – she was successful in re-creating the same magic in USA that she witnessed all her life.

2017 was a debutant year both personally and professionally for Manisha. Their personal family of three had now expanded to a complete family of four. Health and fitness formed a compulsive breathing life system with threads of giving back and adding more meaning to the existing Diwali events. ‘Diwali Giving’- Tying up with a non-profit in uplifting the needy. ‘Diwali women Empowerment felicitation awards’ partnering with The Mayor’s office in Jersey City and Roshni Media group – Felicitating women contributing to fields of culture, these women as daily heroes needed a recognition in her eyes, ‘Your Diwali your way’ were new ideals she introduced which engulfed huge reform in hearts of many Indians. This was the sense of purpose she wanted to achieve.

A tradition is kept alive only by adding. In 2017, Manisha launched MMB events, an event management company, her own concern, with an aim to now bring Diwali to those who have been unaware of this popular Indian festival. Manning a team of focused creative young heads and a need to broaden the horizon necessitated the birth of Corporate Diwali. #corporatediwali is a one stop shop for all your Diwali needs. You name it, we make it happen, you dream it and we design and draft it. A board of exclusive vendors to choose from “Turns events into Memories”. It took the festival to greater heights by organizing, promoting and celebrating the festival within top rated international organizations, MNCs, Small business owners, schools, hotels, hospitals and restaurants. This year, MMB Events helped more than 12 different organizations in the New York city area bringing Diwali to more than 5000 people. Proudly boasting our biggest client – Google, 2000 google employees attended the mega Diwali event at their ‘one of a kind’ corporate office in Manhattan.

Today corporate Diwali represents a successful amalgamation of the old and the new. It has incorporated corporate management techniques and modern technology in a traditional family owned business model. Corporate Diwali has added top names to its Diwali celebratory festivities. From adding more families to the Diwali community over the years, now the expansion is towards professionals in various fields of expertise. The success mantra is to look at all products and services from the clients’ point of view. Uncompromised quality, creativity, far sightedness and a positive approach are the corner store of our business. Learning as we go along is our strength and adding value to our brand is what inspires our team further. Our 2018 goals are ambitious and further adding #corporatediwali to every Diwali celebration all over. A Travelling #corporatediwali is our upcoming journey. In this triumphant journey family, friends and critiques have been Manisha Beriwala’s main anchor in life as a support system and guiding force. Perhaps dividing her life in segments between her family, business and society is an exceptional feature of longevity.

The proof is in the pudding – “This has been our biggest corporate celebration of Diwali ever and only Manisha and MMB Events made that possible. Thank you for reminding us of our values and traditions and spreading the message of good over evil” says Mansi Kapoor Agarwal,a Google host for one of the corporate events facilitated by MMB Events,Corporate Diwali.

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